Shadow of the unnamable

"You are a true defender of reason, Joel…"


New England in the late 1920ties. The two friends Randolph Carter
and Joel Manton spend a sunny autumn afternoon on an old far off
17th century cemetery.

An argument arises, concerning the horror
stories written by Carter. Especially one story draws Manton`s
sarcasm. It´s centered around a creature so horrifying, that it
cannot be named or described: the Unnamable…
Manton, as a schoolteacher and firm believer in science, can´t
imagine anything could be truly unnamable. Encouraged by the
atmosphere of the old burial ground Carter tells his friend about
the origin of that novel. He claims it to be based on a more than
200 years old local legend.
A legend about a strange old man, who was rumored to have a
terrible creature locked up in his attic. Manton listens with
increasing fascination, as darkness descends on the cemetery. And
suddenly they become part of the legend as well…