Shadow of the unnamable

"You are a true defender of reason, Joel…"


The film is a very faithful adaptation of the shortstory “The Unnamable”, written 1923 by the american author H.P. Lovecraft.

From the first time Sascha read the shortstory, he was hooked.
„I wanted to bring the images and impressions to the screen, that I
had every  time   I   read  it.  I   love  the surreal  setting and  thought   it should be turned into a movie.“

However, certain events that the short only hints at are more fleshed out in the movie to equal the impressions Sascha had when he read the story.
In the tradition of classic movies like the “The Haunting” and “The
Innocents” the idea was to create tension for the viewer by slowly
building  up   an  atmosphere   of   approaching   doom.  Since   an  old
graveyard is the main setting of the film,  a lot of time was spend
designing and building  the necessary props.  Overall  50 artefacts
were created, gravestones, tombs, monuments and a statue. Most
of  the designs are based on real tombs and gravestones  from the
seventeenth century.

When Sascha met Wilfried E. Keil, he knew he had found the right
DoP for the project. Wilfried also took on the task of co producing the
film. It was decided to shoot  on Super 16mm filmstock, to attain a
classic film look, with deep shadow areas and bright colors.
For the shooting, they gathered a crew of highly motivated people from
all parts of Germany. Sascha enlisted the american actors Robert Lyons
and Jeff Motherhead for the leading roles. The film was shot in English
to make it accessible to Lovecraft fans around the world.

After principal photography had ended, the footage was scanned in
2K resolution as a digital intermediate. As visual effects supervisor
Sascha managed  the digital  postproduction.  Being a  low budget
project,  it took a lot of  time to finish the more than one hundred
visual   effects.   They  were   done   by   professionals,  many   of   them working at renowned german visual effects companies.

Composer  Andreas Mayer  did  the music and a  lot  of   the sound
design. He is a big fan and released several albums with Lovecraft
themed  music   tracks   and  soundscapes  under   the  project  name
„Forma   Tadre“.   On   „Shadow   of   the   Unnamable“   he   created   a haunting   mix   of   simple   melancholic   melodies   and   experimental soundscapes.

It was a long journey, but now the UNNAMABLE is successfully haunting the
screens of film festivals around the world.

Shadow of the Unnamable
Germany, 2011, Color
running time: 16 minutes
aspect ratio: 16:9
language: english
sound: PCM stereo