Filmwochenende Würzburg

We had a great time in Würzburg. In spite of the sunny day, the venue was almost packed out. My good friend Sascha Eichholz was the master of ceremonies for our screening and he did it perfectly.

The projection by a 4K beamer was very good, and it was amazing to finally see our movie on the big screen with a large audience.

Then we had our best question & answer session so far. A lot of people donated for our cause and I was asked to sign most of the posters we handed out.

Then we switched locations to the Standard pub, and presented some of our “making of” episodes and also some props from the movie. It was a great chance to meet many nice people and also old friends and acquaintances.
Wilfried and I had a great time.

A big thank you to Hannes Tietze and all the other kind people at the Filminitiative Würzburg e.V. for having us!

the HORROR at Stockholm

Haunting screens around the world, our film has found it´s way
to Sweden, for the Stockholms H.P. Lovecraftfestival.

On the 27th of march “shadow of the Unnamable” will be
screened there and we´re really glad for that.

Another special screening!

On friday the 23rd of march, at 16:30, “shadow of the Unnamable” gets a special screening at the 38. Internationales Filmwochenende 2012 in Wuerzburg, Germany.

The entry is free and it´s a great chance to meet the filmmakers and the cast of this maverick of a film.

There´ll be a special tombola of some of the original graveyard props and, of course, a question and answer session with the filmmakers. After the show, the party will continue
at an undisclosed location.

38. Internationales Filmwochenende 2012

Shadow over Landshut

Our film will receive it´s european premiere at the renowned Landshut Short Film Festival. We will compete for the Deadline Award and savour our first chance to personally attend a festival screening of the film.

Landshut Short Film Festival

The german language version is finished!

After a long casting process to find the right dubbing artists, we recorded the complete german language version of the film in only three days!

Manuel Boecker and Marcus Staab Poncet, two very fine actors, took over the roles of Randolph Carter & Joel Manton. Leoni Beckenbach returned for the german dubbing of the nurse.

Manuel and Marcus are a perfect match and they made the german version of the film as atmospherical as the original.

We´re looking forward to present the german version on upcoming festivals!

Park Circle Films – A Night of Shorts

Greater Park Circle Film Society

Another film has been added to next Saturday’s Night of Shorts! SHADOW OF THE UNNAMABLE will be our international entry for the evening, coming all the way from Germany. The film won Best Short at the 2011 H.P. Lovecraft film festival for best short and this is your first chance to see it in Charleston!

Park Circle Films

Greater Park Circle Film Society

And here´s a new review!

Check out our latest review at:

I´d like to take a moment and thank Craig Mullins and all the wonderful helpers at for their coverage of our movie through the years.

Thank you!

We´ve won our first festival prize!

great news for “shadow of the Unnamable”:

Best Short Lovecraft Adaptation
2011 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival®

The festival founder Andrew Migliore gave special consideration to “shadow of the Unnamable” by Sascha Renninger for Best Short Lovecraft Adaptation.

Link to article

H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2011 Wrap-Up

Shadow of the Unnamable (dir. Sascha Renninger) – I remember seeing a trailer for this years ago. It’s a rather straight-forward telling of “The Unnamable” whose strength lies in the performance of Robert Lyons as Carter. As it’s fairly accepted that Randolph Carter was Lovecraft’s surrogate, Lyons brings a sense of odd to his portrayal that made this short enjoyable.

I really enjoyed it, and look forward to being able to buy it on DVD at some point! Thanks!

Link to article

Innsmouth free press

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival: San Pedro 2011

Shadow of the Unnamable, directed by Sascha Renninger, brought a slick aesthetic to Lovecraft’s cemetery tale – the special effects evoke one part graphic novel, one part pop-up book, and one part shadow play.

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