Fantastic trailer for Fragment 1890!

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Fragment 1890 trailer

Another fantastic Festival!


On the evening of saturday, january 27th 2018, Shadow of the Unnamable was screened as double bill with Fragment 1890, as part of a Lovecraft retrospective at the 44th Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg. The screening was sold out and both films were very well received. After the screening, the director Sascha Alexander Renninger answered questions from the audience and signed a lot of posters and dvds.

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meet the filmmaker

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BREAKING NEWS: Lovecraft Double Feature!

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Fragment 1890 will be screened as double bill with Shadow of the Unnamable, as part of a Lovecraft retrospective at the 44th Internationales Filmwochenende in Würzburg. The event takes place on the evening of saturday, january 27th 2018.

Fragment 1890 is a 1920ties period film and a filmic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft´s “the thing in the moonlight”. It is the second film in a series of three H.P. Lovecraft adaptations by German director Sascha Alexander Renninger.

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Limited fan edition Dvd is now available!


Finally, the dvd of Shadow of the Unnamable is available at last! It´s a very limited fan-edition and contains a lot of bonus material (making of featurettes, audio commentaries, etc.) A special treat for all fans of gothic horror! If you are interested in obtaining a dvd, please send an email to:

Die Dvd von Shadow of the Unnamable ist jetzt endlich erhältlich. Diese streng limitierte Fan-Dvd enthält massig Bonusmaterial (Dokus über die Dreharbeiten, Effekte, Audiokommentare, etc.) Ein Leckerbissen für alle Freunde des gepflegten Gruselns! Wenn ihr eine Dvd wollt, schickt bitte eine kurze email an:

Another prestigious Filmfestival!


Shadow of the Unnamable and the workprint of my latest film, Fragment 1890 were recently screened at the prestigious 29th international Filmfestival in Braunschweig. Both films were very well received by the audience.

I was also invited to attend an interesting discussion panel on Lovecraft´s influence on film and popular culture. The other participants of the panel were the director Huan Vu (die Farbe), Axel Weiß (Arkham Insiders podcast) and Daniel Neugebauer (Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft e.V.).

The panel was expertly led by Clemens Williges, the curator of the festival´s „Lovecraft at midnight“ program. The panel was held in German language. It was recorded by Tobias Kloppisch from Deep Red Radio, you can find the link below.

Arkham Insiders

Deep Red Radio

A new podcast review!

In this episode of HYPNOBOBS, Mr Jim Moon looks at the various screen versions of HP Lovecraft’s The Unnamable. And he praises our a far more faithful short version, the award winning Shadow of the Unnamable (2011).

HYPNOBOBS 144 – The Unnamable on Screen

We highly recommend you to follow the links listed below to check out Mr Moon´s rich archive of countless podcasts and readings as well as his fascinating blog…








New reading of The Unnamable

Check out an amazing new reading of HP Lovecraft´s original short story The Unnamable, done by the multi talented Mr Jim Moon on his podcast HYPNOBOBS.

HYPNOBOBS 143 – The Unnamable by HP Lovecraft


Breaking News!

On Sunday, we started the crowdfunding campaign for Fragment 1890. Here the link to our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo:

Please help us to spread the news and make this venture a great success! Be aware that our master plan is to create a classic horror anthology film, with Shadow of the Unnamable & Fragment 1890 as two of three planned segments.


It is time to announce our next endeavor:


A filmic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft´s “the thing in the moonlight”.
Expect further updates in the next weeks.

We have won another award!

The Berlin Independent Film Festival honored us with the award for Best Sci-Fi / Horror Short.

It´s amazing to see our privately funded film topping many other shorts that are backed by the big established film schools.